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Report Lake Debris

To report debris on Smith Mountain or Leesville Lake, please use the form below. Appalachian Power’s priority is to clear dangerous debris that may be hazardous to boaters in the main channels. The company also prioritizes debris near shorelines and in coves.

If you’re not certain you need to submit a report, refer to the examples of what can and cannot be removed.

Find hazardous lake debris? Report it here.

To start, select a lake.

Is the debris located on a river or creek? If so, tell us the name.

Is the debris in open water, or on a shoreline?

Provide a property address that's adjacent to (or near) the debris location.

If you have a lateral mark (e.g. B-49), you may add it here.

As an option, you may include details to help us locate the debris.

Next, we’ll need your contact information.

If you have other comments you’d like to include in this report, add them here.

Lastly, you may include images with your report. When your report is complete, be sure to hit the “Submit” button before leaving this page.

Images are optional. File size is limited to 6MB per file. Only image files (.jpg/.png) are accepted. Send multiple attachments by selecting multiple files.

Common Debris Examples

Each report will be evaluated independently, but floating trees, accumulations of debris after high flow events, and large accumulations of man-made debris are situations that can be addressed.